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The Springs of Dreams Corporation is a research organization that develops solutions to enrich human lives through knowledge and education. Integration of these solutions into a diverse set of communities leads to enlightenment of society as a whole and to a more prosperous world.

At the Springs of Dreams Corporation, our four pillars to pursue excellence consist of:

1. Review, Research, and Analysis

The Springs of Dreams Corporation’s review, research and analysis are performed on behalf of public and private clients and grantors. This research influences the world population in a wide range of areas including but not limited to education, fine arts, history, international relations, management, national defense, policy, sustainability and energy, and science and technology.

Notably, due to the defense related facets of aeronautical engineering, aerospace engineering and the national defense research domain in addition to the U.S. ITAR - International Traffic in Arms Regulations, research studies in these specific disciplines are typically confined to either review studies or historical research and trend analysis studies and generally exclude design and product development. The Springs of Dreams Corporation is committed to the security of the United States of America and consequently only considers the U.S. government and pre-selected international/U.S. sponsors, clients and grantors for review studies or historical research and trend analysis studies in national defense, aeronautical engineering, and aerospace engineering.

2. Objective Observation and Quality

In line with its mission statement, the Springs of Dreams Corporation performs nonpartisan, objective, top-quality, and world-class research regulated by a formal review process.  

3. Overcoming Obstacles

The impact of our research endeavors influences the world population in a wide range of subject areas and enables innovative measures for the benefits of worldwide communities. The Springs of Dreams Corporation frequently tackles convoluted, multidisciplinary research subjects and addresses global challenges through ground-breaking solutions.

4. Dissemination of Information

The Springs of Dreams Corporation is a nonpartisan, objective, nonprofit organization devoted to disseminate information to enrich human lives. Despite at times enforced restrictions by other publishers which prevent open-access, research-result sharing principles, a short summary of all unrestricted research findings by the Springs of Dreams Corporation will be available and accessible to people throughout the world under the publications section.

Restricted research studies will be shared or withheld according to wishes of our clients, sponsors, and grantors. The Springs of Dreams Corporation also adopts an educational approach for sharing knowledge with the public. Teaching activities by award-winning educators/fellows include symposiums, tailored case studies, workshops, and courses for all ages including specialized curriculums for both young and adult learners.