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October 1, 2017, Tustin, Orange County, California – Since the month of January 2017, Springs of Dreams Corporation has initiated a successful collaboration with Pioneer Middle School in Tustin, California, to further advance teaching and learning objectives in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) activities across Orange County, California. In 2015, Pioneer Middle School was named a Gold Ribbon School, ranking in the top 5% of all secondary schools in California. In this particular collaboration which focuses on the Innovative Aeronautics program, students are exposed to a number of topics related to aviation, including but not limited to:

Other topics covered include research principles, teamwork, and innovation. This program is part of the Springs of Dreams Middle School Academy which frequently promotes STEAM activities with objectives to inspire middle school students to pursue STEAM careers.

“I am delighted about this opportunity to collaborate with Pioneer Middle School. The unique aspect of this program is rooted in the fact that students are given an opportunity to interact with educators who are industry professionals. Throughout the duration of this program, unprecedented efforts to maximize the learning experiences for students are avidly pursued with aims of bringing awareness to new opportunities in aeronautics and shaping the future of the aerospace sector,” said Dr. Amir S. Gohardani, President of the Springs of Dreams Corporation.

Programs of the Springs of Dreams Middle School Academy flourish through financial sponsorships towards the fulfillment of this corporation’s mission. For sponsorship opportunities and donations, please visit www.springsofdreams.org/support.html or

e-mail sponsorship@springsofdreams.org.

The Springs of Dreams Corporation is a nonpartisan, objective, non-profit organization dedicated to enlightening society and to enriching human lives through knowledge and education (www.springsofdreams.org).

Press Release
October 1,  2017