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Learning is a continuous process that evolves from birth and onwards. The Springs of Dreams Corporation believes in the principle that all human beings have the same ability to learn, given the same fundamental rights and resources for learning. The following details the obligations of all instructors at the Springs of Dreams Corporation:

Facilitation of the learning process by creation of a learning environment without biases to ensure that all learners feel equal to their peers

Incorporation of different teaching styles in order to resonate with the preferred learning styles of all learners

Adaptation of the course material to correspond to the main learning style of each learner with additional encouragement for propensity to different learning styles

Promotion of learner centered teaching principles that encourage comfortable learner experiences for the purpose of learning-ambiguity clarifications

Clear explanation of the course objectives to learners and continuous feedback regarding the progression of achieved course goals

Encouragement of all learners - regardless of their course accomplishments - and a constant focus on learners that need more support

Implementation of group discussions with promotion of critical and creative thinking among learners

Promotion of transferred learning skills among peers for the purposes of facilitating the learning process

Granting learners an opportunity to exhibit their perceptions of learner centered teaching while occasionally interchanging the instructional role with them for continuous promotion of different learning strategies

Conclusively, the Springs of Dreams Corporation firmly believes that teaching is an immensely exigent task, highly influenced by the strengths and weaknesses of each individual learner. Nonetheless, this challenge is equally welcoming since it promotes the application of different learning styles and ensures a collective learner familiarity with different subject areas. Ultimately, each learner is provided with the ability to assess instructional concepts critically and with creativity.