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Currently there are no employment opportunities available at the Springs of Dreams Corporation. However, if you would like to add your resume to the Springs of Dreams Corporation database for future employment considerations, please follow this specific procedure:

1. Navigate yourself to the “Contact” tab of the menu above. Fill out your details in the Springs of Dreams Corporation contact form. Write “Employment Interest” in the “Subject of Inquiry” and choose “Employment” from the options highlighted in “Inquiry Category”. Finally, please make sure to include your name, your highest attained academic degree, and one of the following research area(s) which represent(s) your area(s) of expertise:


Fine Arts

Health and Healthcare


International Relations

Leadership and Management

National Defense


Science and Technology

Sustainability and Energy

If your area(s) of expertise is/are not listed within the highlighted subject areas, and if you are not a prominent fundraising expert, we thank you for interest in the Springs of Dreams Corporation and regretfully would like to inform you that your expertise does not fall within the scope of our research and corporation interests.


2. Once the Springs of Dreams Corporation have confirmed the acceptance of your e-mail and invited you to submit your credentials, please share your two-paged resume and a cover letter detailing your academic background, achievements, and your professional experience. It is highly recommended that you encircle your area of expertise in both your cover letter and your resume.

Kindly notice that the Springs of Dreams Corporation will not consider your application unless you follow the highlighted sequence of events or procedure described above. Hence, sharing your resume or cover letter without prior invitation by the Springs of Dreams Corporation results in your e-mail and attachments being deleted, unread.

Due to the nature of our research endeavors, the Springs of Dreams Corporation only considers employment candidates with a legal permanent residency status in the United States of America. Furthermore, for selected subject areas only U.S. Citizens will be considered. Please indicate your residency/citizenship status in all employment inquiries, when corresponding with the Springs of Dreams Corporation.