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The Springs of Dreams Corporation is a nonprofit organization with purposes to enlighten society and to enrich human lives through knowledge and education. Ever since the unofficial establishment of this entity, our research staff members have pursued the mission objectives of the Springs of Dreams Corporation on a voluntary basis. In the wake of its official incorporation in Orange County, California, USA, the Springs of Dreams Corporation follows even more stringent quality standards to ensure world-class research and to pursue edification of communities. With the advancements of research methodologies and technologies, the research scope of the Springs of Dreams Corporation has equally expanded.

The Springs of Dreams Corporation applies the following standards to ensure a world-class research framework:                                               

Independent, objective, nonpartisan, research/review studies

The Springs of Dreams Corporation follows objective principles to provide balanced research outputs irrespective of commercial and political biases towards its clients, grantors, and sponsors. In recognition of financial dependence on its grantors, clients, and sponsors for conducting state-of-the-art research/review studies, the Springs of Dreams Corporation rigorously applies independent, peer-reviewed, and impartial policies throughout its research and review endeavors.

Substantiated assumptions for research/review studies

In all research/review studies conducted by the Springs of Dreams Corporation major assumptions are identified and substantiated. If possible, assumption variations are also considered for the purpose of disclosing potential result robustness.

Constructive research/review studies

Practicality of the generated waves of knowledge and their subsequent research applications is of crucial importance for global communities. The Springs of Dreams Corporation includes facets within its research/review studies to depict relevance to research/review topic decision makers and stakeholders. Independent of commercial and political biases, constructive research/review studies are pursued for acquiring accurate research outputs in restricted studies and with the purpose of enriching human lives in world-wide communities through unrestricted studies.

Consistent documentation of research/review studies

Grantors, clients, and sponsors of the Springs of Dreams Corporation specifically value the balanced and accurate tone of all research/review studies. Hence, consistent implementation of quality standards is applicable to all paper-based, web-based format documents and the oral presentations of the Springs of Dreams Corporation. Within this framework, researchers consistently communicate their research/review findings in a natural tone and utilize textual and geographical elements to explain novel and convoluted subject areas.

Knowledge advancement

Despite potential extensions or limitations in research methods, a knowledge advancement process is embedded in research/review studies conducted by the Springs of Dreams Corporation. In this regards, potential processes of theory validation, rejection, and refinement are of crucial importance. Moreover, caveats for ensuring realistic expectations in appropriate settings and potential recommendations directly derived from research findings are also considered.

Defined purpose and approach of research/review studies

In all research/review studies by the Springs of Dreams Corporation, the distinct purpose of each study is explicitly defined. A precise problem formulation phase further provides the review/research study with a mechanism of progress even under circumstances when the problem remains unsolved.

The adopted study approach in all Springs of Dreams Corporation studies is tailored for the study problem and purpose. Implementing regression analyses, surveys, validated models along with new methods justified by a rationale; each research/review study approach is carefully designed and executed.  

Comprehensive understanding before initiation of a review/research study

Review/research studies by the Springs of Dreams Corporation collectively build on existing knowledge about a particular review/research study. This level of understanding impacts the problem formulation and the subsequent approach of each study. For each research/review study best available data and information will be included.